Shelley Craft Admits That She Has The Easiest Job On 'The Block'

Who will win this season?

8 October 2018

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Another season of The Block is coming to an end with the auctions airing later tonight and man, what a season it has been!

There was drama before the show even began with Melbourne locals slamming the show for renovating The Gatwick, a building that has had a very rough past, but as time went on, the viewers rolled in making the show one of the most popular reality TV shows on Australian television.

A few days ago, Stav headed down to Melbourne to chat with Shelley Craft, co-host of The Block, in one of The Gatwick's newly refurbished bedrooms.

Shelley admitted that yes, she does have the easiest job on the show because she is only on set for a "couple of days a week".

"I point my finger, I tell them what I think, and then I leave! Scotty has to cope with everything else that goes on in the show, Keith and Dan obviously take all the hard hits, and I basically walk away fairly unscathed, besides public opinion."

She also explained that before they started filming this season, the show received a lot of backlash from locals because they had to re-home people who were living in The Gatwick at the time.

Listen to Stav's full chat with Shelley below:

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