Severe Wild Weather Warning Issued Across Tasmania

Rain, wind, floods and snow

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Leigh Winburn

Make sure you've packed your umbrella before you head out with more rain on the way.

It comes as the state's emergency services have issued eight flood and weather warnings across Tasmania.

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Furthermore, road hazards have been reported with rock debris on the Highland Lakes Road, north of Bothwell, as well as on Lymington Road, between Lymington and Cygnet.

There are also report of water over the road near the public golf club at Richmond.

Meanwhile, two teenagers were rescued from the Elizabeth River in Campbelltown overnight, after getting caught in flood waters.

Police, SES, Local Volunteer TFS units and paramedics responded to calls about 7pm to find two girls trapped in water.

“While flood waters may appear benign at first glance the risks associated with swimming in them are real and catastrophic if not treated with respect,” Constable Madison Hickman said.


With close to 40 millimetres of rain landing across Hobart by dawn on Friday the Bureau of Meteorology warn it's not slowing down. 

Jonathan Howett from the weather Bureau alerts locals despite the soggy start to the day, it’s not slowing down.

"Definitely a wet night and continuing into this morning right across Hobart and for large parts of southern Tasmania as well," he conceded.

"So, far the city's record 39 millimetres, so a very soggy one. We are likely to see another 10 to 20 millimetres today. Those showers are to become more intermittent during the afternoon, but we could see some really heavy falls before easing off into the evening"

- Jonathan Howett

A dusting of snow on Mt Wellington/Kunayi is also expected for Saturday according to the Bureau of Meteorology, predicting snow to fall down to 800m by Friday afternoon and 600m by the evening.


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28 October 2021

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