Sensational Cinema Surge Pricing Revealed

More $$ depending on session time

4 January 2018

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If it seems like a trip to the movies has cost you more of late, it turns out you're not alone.

Village Cinemas have confirmed that there were price surges charged by cinemas during peak times, coinciding with some of the most popular times to check out new flicks on the big screen.

Over the summer, some cinema goers have charged an extra $1 for attending a session after 5pm on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, as these have been identified as peak family times.

The price surge affected not just movie tickets, but also food and drink, with it understood that some items rose in price by as much as 50 cents.

However, this pricing surge trial has been sensationally scrapped today, with Village making the following statement to

Village Cinemas acknowledges that some documents that appear to contain internal pricing information for cinema tickets have been posted on social media and in turn via the press. We are currently investigating the authenticity of these documents. Village Cinemas confirms that we were running pricing variation trials over the summer period which we appreciate may have caused angst and concern to our customers, we can now confirm that all pricing variation trials have been stopped effective immediately. Village Cinemas is committed to providing customers with value via a range of attainable prices and promotions for the variety of experiences and concepts available ... Our goal is to ensure movie going remains as an affordable entertainment choice for our guests.

- Village Cinemas statement

Cinemas participating in the trial included Doncaster, Fountain Gate, Crown, Jam Factory, Southland and Werribee.

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