Sea Life Sydney Aquarium Has Launched An Extreme New Shark Dive Experience!

How jaw-esome!

Carly Heading

13 March 2018

Carly Heading

Sea Life Sydney

If you had to describe yourself in a few words, would the terms ‘thrill-seeker’, ‘risk-taker, or ‘daredevil’ make the cut? The countdown is on, because in only eight weeks’ time, you could have the answer as Sea Life Sydney is launching the all-new Shark Dive Xtreme experience!

Oh boyyyyy hang on tight!

This is the only cage-less underwater shark dive in Sydney.

The new experience seeks to find those who are brave enough to come face-to-face with some of the ocean’s most feared species. 

Would you dare take up the challenge and live to tell the tale and earn the ultimate #respect/#boss/#fearless title?

It will be launching on 28th April, SDX will be an exhilarating experience and one of only a few experiences worldwide where you’ll be guaranteed an underwater encounter with sharks. With no previous diving experience required, SDX will make a daring diver out of anyone, allowing you to not only meet Grey Nurse Sharks but also scuba dive with other Sydney local marine life.

Come face to face with sea turtles, massive stingrays, Port Jackson Sharks, Wobbegong Sharks and hundreds of other amazing sea creatures!

The 2.5 hour experience starts at $299 per person, and includes:

  • Attraction entry
  • Full diver training (to ensure everything goes swimmingly, of course)
  • 30 min oceanarium tank dive (this is the part where you go face to face with the big, scary sharkies!!)
  • All equipment (Divers can bring own mask and full length wetsuit)
  • De-brief and Certificate (of Survival!)
  • Underwater photos and video footage are also available for purchase at an additional cost.

Pre-book your fin-tastic experience of a lifetime here

Are you brave enough?

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