Sea FM Australian Enduro Raw Challenge!

A Test Of Real Endurance

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The Raw Challenge circuit is 7km and 55+ obstacles over 12 hours. How many laps will you or your team of 2 or 4 do? If you complete 12 laps, that’s 84kms and approximately 720 obstacles. You will know that you have just completed one of the most gruelling physical and mental challenges of your life.

Social fun teams from 3-8 person can run together join forces and overcome obstacle and most of all they are not required to do burpee penalties.

All obstacles must be attempted, any incomplete obstacles will result in a 15 burpee penalty. Multiple attempts can be made to any obstacle failed. Anyone over the age of 16 is welcome to participate.

*Some obstacles will be marked with women only can complete. The individual or team who has completed the most laps & obstacles will be declared the 2018 Raw Challenge Enduro Champions.


What: Australian Enduro Challenge
When: Saturday, September 21st, 2019 
Where: Raw Challenge, Doyalson

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Kalun Townsend

18 February 2019

Article by:

Kalun Townsend

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