Scrapped NRAS Scheme Could Leave Thousands Homeless

3000 homes impacted

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Hundreds of South Australians are struggling to avoid homelessness due to the state’s rental crisis.

Social service groups and charities have expressed their worries that low-income earners will be forced onto the streets as a rental subsidy program winds down.

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More than 3,000 homes will come off the National Rental Affordability Scheme, with an average of 10 homes per week over the next five years.

Adelaide has the most NRAS homes in the State with a total of 315.

Shelter SA said more public housing and a new government subsidy in the interim could people and families from living on the streets.

The NRAS scheme was scrapped after an independent review found some participants were rorting the system.

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Hit News Team

22 September 2021

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