Scott Morrison Commits To Tackling Climate Change “Together”

Regional Australia won't be left behind

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has addressed the nation saying we need to come together on climate change.

It comes as the Liberals and Nationals are working out a plan for Australia to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

The latest National briefing

Mr. Morrison assured that no one would be left behind as the country started to tackle climate change together.

“Addressing climate change is a challenge that we must do together. As Prime Minister, it is my job to bring people together on dealing with this big change.”

He said that Canberra is committed to transitioning regional areas through to the new economy.

“The world is moving in a new energy economy, we all know that. It’s now a question of how not if, and how is how we can ensure that those communities right across rural and regional Australia can look at this change and understand that there are big opportunities and there’s a way through.”

The UN Climate Change Conference will take place in Glasgow at the end of the month.

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11 October 2021

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