Scooter Ride-Sharing Trial Underway In Aus

‘Cost-effective’ traffic solution

21 March 2018

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A “cost-effective” ride-sharing service named Scooti is hitting the streets of Melbourne next month, and you guessed it, it’s based entirely around scooters.

Founder Cameron Nadi told Yahoo a city-based trial of Scooti would ease traffic congestion and its 50 licenced motorbike riders would offer “quicker”, “cheaper” and environmentally friendly point-to-point travel.

"The main advantage of Scooti is, of course, getting where you want to go sooner. Two wheels have a distinct advantage in busy traffic," he said.

"It's more cost-effective than other chauffeur-driven ride-sharing options, and creates less emissions than most other public or shared transport."

Modelled off similar scooter ride share initiatives in Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Florence, Mr Nadi said the service would also be tailored for women with the use of female riders.

Scooti could be set to expand to Sydney and Brisbane across the next 12 months.

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