School Principal Bans All Mobile Phone Use

Not just limited to class time...

27 February 2018

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A school in Sydney's Inner West has taken the plunge and banned mobile phone use during the day.

Students at Domremy College have to abide by the new rule, implemented with consultation by a child psychologist.

Under the guidelines, phones are banned from use during homeroom, class, sport time, college events, excursions, camps, retreats, recess and lunch.

Phones are to be kept turned off or on flight mode, and will be confiscated if found in breach of these rules.

Principal Viviene Awad said parents have also been advised not to message their children during school hours.

"This has been a battle for the past six years I have been at the school," she said.

"I was reluctant to ban them, but kids have a natural tendency to be addicted to social media.

"No amount of education can fix that addiction, it's a hard habit to break."

According to the Department of Education, it is up to each school principal to implement rules regarding mobile phones and usage policy.

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