Sarah Reveals That The Real Reason Behind Her Fight With Telv Was Cut Out Of 'MAFS'

Unsurprising, really...

6 March 2018

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Monday night's episode of Married At First Sight had fans devastated, angry, sad and a bit confused because the most loved up couple on the show, Sarah and Telv, had their first big fight on camera.

Viewers were concerned that the couple wouldn't stay together and their relationship would crumble before the cameras and unfortuinately wasn't resolved before the episode ended... which enraged fans of the show.

After the commitment ceremony ended on Sunday, Sarah posted a photo of herself kissing Telv saying that yes, they are still together, but that didn't stop fans from jumping into her comments and accusing her for getting angry at her hubby over a "trivial" issue after last night's fight.

After things got heated in the comments, Sarah decided to step in and stand up for herself against the viewers who were saying that she "overly sensitive" about Telv using Snapchat.

Image: @sarahjaneroza Instagram

She then explained to two specific Instagram users that her family came to help her sort out their issues and not talk about the weather and that she was "hurt when Telv shut it all down".

Luckily, despite all the hate that Sarah got online, the fight seems to be over because there are so many pictures of her and Telv looking happy and loved up on her page.


Let's see what happens next...


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