Sarah Has Been Overheard Saying That Her Marriage To Telv Has Ended

Could it be true?

16 March 2018

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If you say you've never eavesdropped in on a juicy conversation then you're either one in a million people who actually don't care about gossip, or your lying. 

Speaking of eavesdropping, someone has told The Daily Mail that they overheard a conversation between Sarah, Charlene and Ashley where the Married At First Sight bride said that her marriage to Telv has ended.

The ~source~ explained that Sarah said their relationship wasn't good and was venting her frustrations to her fellow brides.

"Sarah Roza said how much of a trainwreck their relationship is."

The source also claims that Sarah said that all they were doing together was "keeping up appearances" and that she wanted to get along with Telv "strictly for publicity".


Another source told the publication that their relationship ended after Telv refused to move in with Sarah, but that she still wants to keep him around because she's launching her own make-up line.

"Sarah and Telv have broken up because he won't move in with her and is looking at share houses while staying with his cousin in Melbourne.

"They are trying to mend things as Sarah is aiming to launch a make up line and she 'needs people to remain invested in them until after the launch'."

Generally, anonymous sources shouldn't be believed straight away, so we're hoping that neither of these stories are true and that Sarah and Telv are still together and enjoying their lives.


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