Safer City Camera Network Stage 2 To Commence

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Amber Lowther

22 November 2018

Amber Lowther

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The Department of Justice has given Greater Shepparton City Council a grant of $190,687 to go towards Stage 2 of the Safer City Camera Network.

The funding will enable Council to continue its work to achieve the priority goals detailed in Council's adopted Community Safety Strategy 2018-2021.

The Safer City Camera Network is based on a partnership model between Greater Shepparton City Council and Victoria Police - the main network control station will be based in the Shepparton Police Station watch house and a secondary control station will be located within the station to accommodate Greater Shepparton City Council camera operators between 11pm-5am on a Friday and Saturday night. 

There are six potential locations for future cameras being identified for the Stage 2 expansion of the Safer City Camera Network, such as: 

* Fraser Street

* High Street

* Shepparton Sports City

* Fryers Street

* Queens Gardens

* Victoria Park Lake

These locations were a result of crime statistics data, community perceptions of safety survey results and consultation with Victoria Police and the Safe Communities Advisory Committee. Cameras located in these areas would provide greater coverage and more opportunity for early intervention of anti-social behaviour within key Shepparton locations, with a particular focus on late night precincts. 

Greater Shepparton residents are encouraged to give feedback on the proposed locations via online survey at by 5pm on Monday 17 December. 

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