RSPCA QLD Desperately Needs Kitten Foster Carers At The Mo

Influx for breeding season

Amy Drew

19 December 2017

Amy Drew

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Kids hounding you for a pretty little kitty? Want to bring your obsession for cute cat videos into the real world? Well here is your chance.

RSPCA Queensland are currently looking for kitten foster carers to cope with an ever escalating demand.

"We now have 1,500 carers state-wide but we still need more, particularly at this time of year because it's cat breeding season. There are always kittens too young to be de-sexed that need to be in care for a few weeks," said Foster care Coordinator Julie Herbert.

The charity takes care of all the feeding and medical costs, all you need to provide is the TLC!


Spokesman Michael Beatty said fostering is great for families who are craving an animal fix, but don't want the long-term commitment.

"It does give you the chance to experience pet ownership and to be honest, we get quite a lot of what we call 'failed fosters' who take animals on and end up adopting the animal themselves," he said.

Beatty said it's also worth considering nan and pop for a position.

"I do a lot of talks with seniors - they say becoming a foster carer has been really beneficial for them, they often feel they don't want to take on a permanent pet because of travel plans or health issues."

And of course the carer positions don't stop at kittens.

"We always have animals that are receiving ongoing vet care of behavioural treatment that are much better off in foster care, that includes puppies, horses and even birds!"

If you're interested in getting involved, visit the RSPCA website.

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