RSPCA Issues Warning Over Disturbing Brisbane Dog-Baiting Trend

Police are investigating

Troy Nankervis

10 October 2017

Troy Nankervis

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An increase in dog-baiting across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast has prompted a warning from the RSPCA on the “concerning” trend.

RSPCA spokesperson Michael Beatty said disputes over the noise caused by barking dogs is likely behind the spike in incidents over the last six weeks, the ABC reports.

"It does seem to be on the increase and that is a concern. We have seen a number of incidents in Brisbane, around the Redlands area we've had three or four, Thornlands, Wynnum Manly, Tingalpa and now on the Sunshine Coast," he said.

"It is an incredibly painful way for the dog to die. If it is a barking issue, there are ways you can work towards stopping this while you are out."

Among incidents, a puppy was reportedly poisoned in the beachside town of Coolum after it was fed meat containing poisons including rat bait.

"Someone has thrown the bait into the front yard where the dog was and it was purely by chance, the owner looked out the window when she had gone upstairs and saw the dog licking something," Mr Beatty added.

"She was able to get the bait off him, otherwise it was almost certain that the dog would have died."

Police investigations into dog baiting could see those charged under the Animal Protection Act, with convictions carrying a maximum sentence of three years behind bars.

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