Adopt an animal from the RSPCA for $29 this weekend!

Find out how here

Carly Finch

23 April 2018

Carly Finch

Article heading image for Adopt an animal from the RSPCA for $29 this weekend!

If you're looking to adopt an animal, do it this weekend!

RSPCA is running a massive 'Clear the Shelters' campaign across NSW. 

From Friday 23 Feb - Sunday 25 Feb you can adopt a pet from RSPCA NSW for just $29. This includes cats, dogs, guinea pigs, horses, rabbits… and many more animals. 

If you're concerned about the safety of the animals, RSPCA has said;

"RSPCA NSW always wants to ensure an animal goes to its perfect forever home. Therefore, normal adoption procedures apply even when a reduced fee is offered. Once an interested adopter has expressed interest in an animal, RSPCA NSW staff will begin by ensuring the animal is the right match for the potential new home".

Me heading to my local RSPCA this weekend:




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