Roving Checkpoint Installed At Lincoln Causeway

Border trolls under the bridge

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A checkpoint will be established at the Lincoln Causeway as a part of Victoria's "roving' border patrol.

Situated underneath the rail bridge, the new location recently upgraded with newly laid gravel will ensure access to the Gateway Village is not obstructed.

Border communities on edge with mass testing and a lockdown

With Victoria shunted back into another lockdown, police anticipate the traffic will be light going, at least for the restricted period.

There are no additional checkpoints or 'hard closures' anticipated, leaving cross-border communities able to freely move about.

Wodonga Mayor Kev Poulton has said despite anxiety among some locals, the border closure and reinstatement of a bubble was welcomed.

"We drive across the border like it’s going from one side of Melbourne to the other... last time people were getting stopped five or six times a day”

- Cr Kev Poulton


Meanwhile, Thursday delivered six new infections for Victoria and another 97 infections confirmed for New South Wales.

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16 July 2021

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