Ronnie & Georgia Explain Whether They're Replacing Kerrie & Spence On 'The Block'

Are they back for good?

5 September 2018

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The Block had its second walk out this season last night when Kerrie and Spence, the most experienced team this year, decided to simply walk off their job site to discusswhether or not they were going to continue with the show.

They didn't really tell anyone that they had come to this decision, Donny, the team's carpenter, only found out about their situation when he decided to call them after producers of the show asked him where Spence was.

Norm said in a piece to camera later in the episode, that Spence had told him that he was ready to leave saying, "if you don't see us, don't be surprised."


In a preview for tonight's episode, Kerrie and Spence are seen having a conversation with Scotty Cam about whether or not they're willing to continue on with the show, but whilst this is all happening, Ronnie and Georgia, the 'villains' from last season, returned to The Block!


No one knows why the couple have returned to the show and so earlier this morning, Heidi, Xavier and Ryan just had to ask the big questions.

Is their cameo to promote their own upcoming renovation show?

Are they back to simply help the teams out? 

Or, are they Kerrie and Spence's replacements?

Ronnie explained that at this point in the series, "they have walked off" with Georgia adding that if they remain on The Block as replacements, they could potentially win more money!

So, at this stage, it looks like they could be filling in for Kerrie and Spence until a decision about their spot on the show is made!

Listen to the full chat below to see what Ronnie and Georgia think of this year's series and the other teams:

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