Rocky Just Got A New Water Trailer

Here's to the environment!

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Great news for the Rockhampton region! 

Council teams are now able to do more to enhance Rocky's natural environment with a new water trailer on the scene, which was funded by Councillor Drew Wickerson's Capital Fund. 

The new water-trailer is said to make things easier for groups working outdoors and will help to make on-ground jobs more effective. 

Councillor Wickerson says the trailer will help groups working on projects, to access the water easily. 

“The new water trailer will mean that groups working on projects like these will have easy and consistent access to water while native vegetation is being planted and established, which will help ensure the success of these projects."

- Councillor Drew Wickerson

Councillor Wickerson also believes the trailer will enable project groups to do more for the environment. 

“The addition of these two trailers means that Council, in partnership with community organisations, will be able to undertake more activities to protect, maintain, and enhance our natural environment.”

- Councillor Drew Wickerson

If you'd like to find out more, head to the website for more details. 


Georgie Marr

7 August 2019

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Georgie Marr

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