Rockhampton Are Demanding A Fair Go For All Queenslanders!

Fair enough!

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Rockhampton Regional Council are calling on the Australian Government to help Queenslanders get a fair go!

The Council unanimously voted to endorse a new campaign and are asking for help from the Australian Government in encouraging investment, jobs, population and business growth throughout regional Queensland. 


One of the very first to put their name to a petition to the State Government demanding action, was the Mayor asking for a fair go for Queenslanders!

Rockhampton Region Mayor, Margaret Strelow says Government projections are showing no promise for regional Queensland.

“According to government projections, 87% of new jobs created in the next five years will be in the South East Corner, leaving just 13% of new jobs throughout the rest of the state. 20 years from now 75% of our state’s population is expected to be living in the South East Corner. This dramatic growth will suck population, money, lifestyle, health and education opportunities away from the regions."

- Margaret Strelow

The council hopes that locals and other Queenslanders will sign the petition which can be found online, or simply add the Facebook profile frame in support of your fellow Australians!


 So go on, do the right thing and jump online to help out the community!

Georgie Marr

4 June 2019

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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