Richard Wilkins Was 'Missing' From This Mornings Post Logies Today Show

Someone got a bit wild...

Carly Heading

24 April 2017

Carly Heading

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It seems that Richards Wilkins may have had quite a bit of a wild night at The Logies last night.

Poor Richard didn’t actually make it to set this morning for their post-Logies show.

Fellow Today hosts Lisa Wilkinson, Karl Stefanovic, Sylvia Jeffreys and Tim Gilbert all seemed to make it up in time for their 5:30am call time… but Richard, not so much!

Tbh who knows if he was still out partying, or slept through his alarm… all we know is that he was literally nowhere to be seen!

Karl was the first to address the situation saying, "Richard Wilkins is missing this morning, he had a very big night presenting.”

Sylvia added, “Well, there was a bit of confusion apparently on his part about his start time. He thought he didn’t have to be here until 6.30… Sounds a bit made up to me.”


And then well, made up or not, still 30 mins later, Dickie was nowhere to be found.

THANKFULLY… an hour bloody later, Richard finally showed up.

And of course, the TODAY show being TODAY, they made fun of the situation by cutting to the entertainment reporter reading the paper with a coffee!!


Don’t worry Richard; we have all been there!


At least he made it there in time for cake!

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