Residents urged to be on mozzie alert

There's a greater risk

9 October 2017

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The City of Albany is reminding residents that recent heavy rains and higher tides, combined with the onset of warmer
weather will bring more mosquito activity and a greater risk of mosquito-borne disease such as Ross River virus.

Manager Building, Health and Compliance Scott Reitsema warned that even though the City is working to monitor and
bait mosquito-prone areas, small breeding areas may exist in backyards and on vacant or neglected blocks.

“High numbers of adult mosquitoes have already been trapped this year, including species which are known to carry
Ross River virus,” Mr Reitsema said.

“Mosquitoes breed quickly during the summer months in stagnant water pools including bird baths, old car tyres, open
containers, pot plant drip trays, septic and water tanks, roof gutters and domestic ponds.

“Residents and landowners should keep an eye out for these hazards and empty them regularly to break the mosquito
breeding cycle which during colder months can take several weeks from egg to flying adult, but just 7-10 days in warmer

Once again the City of Albany will be promoting the ‘Fight the Bite’ campaign which encourages individuals to protect
themselves and their families from mosquitoes in three ways – covering up, using repellent and cleaning up areas
around the home where mosquitoes can breed.

This campaign will be promoted at the 2017 Albany Agricultural Show and is targeted at all West Australians in an effort
to educate them of the risks associated with mosquito-borne disease and how they can support the work of local
government mosquito control programs.

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