Reef Babies at Reef HQ these holidays!

Reef Babies at Reef HQ these holidays!

11 April 2017

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Did you know that some sharks give birth to live young, while others lay eggs?

Baby Seahorses are smaller than a 5 cent piece at birth…

I bet you didn’t know that all clownfish are born male!

Take the family down to the Great Barrier Reef Aquarium, Reef HQ to explore the wondrous underwater world of reef babies and their sea-friends!

Reef HQ has you covered with entertainment and education these holidays with an educational exhibit on the babies of the reef. You and your kids can learn lots of interesting facts about marine life and their young- and maybe even spot some reef babies while you’re there!

The program is FREE with Reef HQ Aquarium general admission, but donations are welcome. Donations go directly toward the Reef HQ Aquarium Turtle Hospital. So, you can discover the amazing underwater world of reef babies AND help out the turtles of North Queensland!

Reef Babies is running from Saturday 1st April to Sunday the 16th April. The exhibit is opened from 10am to 12pm daily, so get in early, because the kids will not want to miss this!

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