Record Size Hailstones Fall Across Central Queensland

A whopping 16cm!

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A new Australian weather record has been broken, after giant hailstones hammered down across Central Queensland.

Hail measuring in excess of 16cm hit Mackay during Tuesday’s storm.

Record-sized hailstones fall across Central Queensland

The previous record was held by Brisbane, which saw 14cm hail hit the southwestern suburbs this time last year.

Lauren Pattie from the Bureau of Meteorology says it's exceptional to see hail that big, so far north.

“Certainly it's quite exceptional to see giant hail up around the Mackay area, normally it’s a little further south, so it was a little bit unexpected for it be quite so large, look we did expect large hail but, I don’t know how often you’re forecasting 16cm hail in this country.”

Severe weather has been downgraded across the region, but storms are still expected to linger over the Capricornia region.

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20 October 2021

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