Rebecca Gibney Shows Support For Her TV Son Hugh Sheridan Since Opening Up About His Sexuality

"I couldn’t be more proud"

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This week, actor Hugh Sheridan opened up about his sexuality in an essay with Stellar Magazine.

In his essay, Hugh revealed he has had relationships with both men and women in the past, but added that he doesn’t like labels.

“It seems everyday there are new labels popping up to identify those around us. I still can’t find one that fits me,” he wrote.

“Love has always come in so many different forms to me. I love people who inspire me. Not all love is sexual, and I don't think people always understand that. The fact is, I love many different people, for many different reasons. When I get to know someone romantically, I'm not interested in their age, gender, sexuality, or religion. I'm interested in connecting on a human level. Sexuality has always been very secondary to me. In a way, I now feel very blessed.”

Now, Hugh’s Packed to the Rafter’s mum, Rebecca Gibney, has posted a loving message of support and admiration for her TV son!

“I’ve loved this boy from the moment I met him 13 years ago,” she wrote on Instagram.

“He is one of the most joyful, open hearted empathetic souls I have ever met and I couldn’t be more proud of his wonderful essay in the latest Stellar magazine where he talks about society’s need to label and how he has never fit any of the labels that were given to him.

“He loves ‘humans’ not their gender, or race, or religion. He speaks love because that is what he is. As Hugh rightly states ‘labels are for clothes not people’ and if you’re still figuring out who you then that’s ok because that is pretty much all of us. @hugh_sheridan I’m so blessed to call you my friend. Well done for speaking your truth. Love you to the moon sweetheart ❤️

After all these years, they're still the best family! 

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21 October 2020

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Entertainment News Team

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