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You would have to be living underground with your fingers stuck in your ears not to know what’s been going on these past few months. Our lives went proper topsy-turvy for a minute there, but it does feel like we’ll soon be able to put away our 1.5m rulers.

With so much disruption, it’s easy to assume that everything came to a grinding halt. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. Our local property market hasn’t missed a beat and the rest of 2020 is looking pretty darn sunny for sellers. We wanted to get our finger on the pulse, so we got the low-down from our pals at First National Real Estate - Bonnici & Associates.  Here’s the what’s-what for our local market.

The market is in good health
Regional living doesn’t get any better than how we have it. Snowfields, the Hume landscape, a ready supply of gourmet goodies, handy airport… it’s not surprising we’re one of Australia’s fastest growing cities. People want in on what we’ve got! With historic-low interest rates, high rental occupancy, comparatively low purchase prices and steady capital growth – our market is doing just fine.   

Don’t put off jumping into the property investment pool

The local investment market is on a belter! Investment returns are strong, especially in residential properties. What we have on offer here is so tempting, buyers from capital cities are taking note. Interestingly, our returns are outstripping those of, say, Melbourne because vacancy rates are low, applications rates are high and purchase prices are considerably smaller. In your FACE, capital cities! 

Put the cherry on the cake
You should always put your best forward and, when it comes to selling your property, that means making it look its absolute best. You’re not just selling the bricks and mortar or street number… you’re selling potential. There’s a whole swag of things you could do to jazz up pre-sale. It’s different for every property, though. Have a chat to these guys – they can help you out.

2020 has brought us drought, fire and pandemic. Our community has copped a walloping but we’re still here. We’re resilient, so it’s no surprise our real estate market remains strong and our appeal to investors has only grown.  

It’s easy to put off decisions, lumping them in the too-hard basket.

Do I sell and rent while I build?
Do I stay in my home while I build?
Will I get interest in my sale?

There’s no one-size solution for any real estate question.  You need experience in your corner to help you make the best decision for you. First National Real Estate - Bonnici & Associates can work with you to devise your strategy. For all things real estate, they’re your go-to. I mean, just look at all these awards! Get to know them here.

21 June 2020

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