25 Random Acts of Kindness for Isolation

Ways To Spread Kindness In Isolation!

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At this time of isolation and craziness, it’s so easy to become focused on our own little worlds. Which is why it’s more important than ever that we take time to think of others. Even from isolation there are little things we can do to show kindness to those around us. And let’s be honest, no random act of thoughtfulness has ever made someone’s day worse.


It’s not all selflessness either. It's been proven that kindness, compassion and giving are associated with good mental health, a stronger immune system, reduced anxiety, stress and depression, improved relationships and improved happiness. Talk about the perfect self-care!

So what can you do? We’ve got 25 random acts of kindness you can do right from isolation to help brighten other people’s day!


 Send flowers

Send a care pack

Send a thoughtful text message

Offer to grab groceries for someone who can’t

Play a virtual game with someone who lives alone

Order a takeaway meal to be delivered

Send a funny GIF or video

Find online classes that you can take together (We recommend checking out the app Skill Share)

Organise a time to have a meal over video call

Check in on your neighbours with a letter or card

Deliver baked goods or snacks to someone’s front door

Create a group challenge that everyone can join in on and enjoy

Send a birthday present to someone celebrating their birthday

Send an encouraging text message to a single mum

Arrange a virtual coffee & catch up with a friend

Send or give a thank you card to front line organisations (e.g. nurses, teachers, doctors, supermarkets etc)

Find a workout video on YouTube that you can do with a friend and facetime while you do it

Drop off essentials to a mum with a baby (e.g. nappies, wipes, games for kids)

Buy a gift certificate for a small business that can be used after isolation (e.g. beautician, hairdresser, café etc)

Send an activity pack to someone who has kids home from school (e.g. puzzles, boardgames, art supplies)

Find a feel-good story and share it on social media

Send some photos of you and your family to your parents/grandparents

Pay it forward when you purchase a coffee, groceries or takeaway

Make positive quote cards and deliver them to random neighbour’s letterboxes

Mow the neighbor's lawn


And it goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway...always, always practice good hygiene and social distancing! 

Share your random acts of kindness with us by tagging us on social media! 

Ri Prigg

31 March 2020

Article by:

Ri Prigg

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