Rachel Green's Style On Friends Is Always Worth The Throwback

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Rachel Green is a '90s fashion icon, pulling off styles that are still going strong or making a comeback in 2020. 

From dressing up to lounging around, here's some of our favourite trends worn by Jennifer Aniston (aka Rachel Green) on Friends...

Slip Dresses

Don't lie and tell me you haven't worn a slip dress in the past year. They're perfect to thrown on in summer, or to layer in winter. 


If I woke up tomorrow in early '90s, you can be sure the first thing I'd buy is a plaid mini skirt. 


There's nothing more fresh than denim overalls paired with white sneakers or a blazer. 

Animal prints

Animal prints are back in. Just ask Cardi B in her latest music video... 

Maxi skirts

Divine, classy, chic. You can bet I'm still pairing maxi skirts with a cute pair of sneakers.

Knee-high boots

A wardrobe staple always. 

Sheer details


Nothing says '90s or 2020 more than a comfy loungewear combo.

Let us know your favourite '90s trend in the Facebook comments. Friends is currently available to stream on Netflix and Binge. 

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Ebony Reeves

20 October 2020

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Ebony Reeves

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