Queensland Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill Set To Pass

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A significant milestone for Queensland is set to be announced later this week ensuring voluntary euthanasia is an option for the terminally ill as early as January 2023.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk who supports euthanasia laws, revealed last week the Bill would go before Cabinet on Monday.

Delays in the Bill passing fall upon LNP MP Mark Robinson who slammed on the brakes last month demanding amendments be made to allow health practitioners to exercise their right to conscientiously object to euthanasia and instead refer patients to other institutions.

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Further changes to the Bill stipulate that a person must be assessed by two doctors, make three separate requests, and they can change their mind at any time.

Deliberations in Parliament will also qualify eligible Queensland residents as adults diagnosed with a disease, illness or medical condition that is advanced, progressive, will cause death within 12 months, and is causing intolerable suffering.

Meantime, for the first time since abortion was decriminalised in 2018, a conscience vote for politicians has been granted.

Anticipated to pass, the Bill will bring Queensland into alignment with Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania and South Australia as the fifth Australian state to deliver a voluntary assisted dying scheme.


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13 September 2021

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