Queensland Tourism Lose Billions In Revenue As The Caravan Revolution Takes Off

World Tourism Day

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On World Tourism Day, when awareness is raised on the importance of tourism in affecting the social, cultural, political and economic values of an international community, the Australia tourism sector clearly feeling the pinch of the pandemic.

Tourism operators across Queensland are set to face billion-dollar losses as onerous lockdowns as a result of COVID-19 take a devastating toll.

With another school holiday missing the tourism trade from Victoria and New South Wales, Destination Gold Coast CEO Patricia O'Callaghan said they are forecasting a loss of $326 million in expenditure for September alone.

"We've seen support flow in from federal and state governments recently that's going to go a long way, however COVID has left a hole in the pockets of our tourism operators and any additional support is always welcome from both sides of government,"

"Our industry has been facing some of its darkest days, having persevered through more than 18 months of hardship," Ms O'Callahgan said, "but if we get through the next 100 days we can rebound exceptionally strongly."

"The critical thing now is that we need everybody to get a jab, because the vaccines will be our only key to survival," she said.

Meanwhile, because of the pandemic, domestic travel is on the rise with a shift in the typical demographic pitching a tent or parking the caravan around the state.

Caravan HQ's Ethan Pole said the pandemic has delivered a new type of camping enthusiast.

"It's shifted from your traditional grey nomads and retirees travelling Australia to your young families, dual-income earners with kids,"

- Ethan Hope

"I believe it's a generational change. Borders aren't going to open up for a long time and we're going to raise a generation a caravanners," he said.

As more Aussies embark on road trips, the increase in demand for caravans and upgrades has also created a shortage of supply.

So, in the end Christmas does come around, the advice is to get in quick and be prepared for delays. 


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27 September 2021

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