Queensland Boy, 10, ‘Fighting’ For Life After Devastating Flu Attack

Horror flu season

Troy Nankervis

2 October 2017

Troy Nankervis

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A Queensland boy is “fighting strong” after he was hospitalised with complications from the flu, in what’s been a horror influenza season around the country.

Jaymon Gaul, 10, has been on life support at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital for over a week after he came down with very serious flu symptoms in their Western Downs home town of Chinchilla, the ABC reports.

The 10-year-old’s mother Tasha Millar has explained a minor cough led to Jaymon development a serious strain of influenza, alongside a collapsed lung, staph infection and a blood clot in his leg.

"[The cough] didn't even sound bad," Ms Millar wrote in an emotional post on a GoFundMe fundraiser page.

Image: Natasha Millar/GoFundMe

"It all happened so fast. Now my heart is broken into a million pieces as he lays there fighting for his life."

This year’s flu season has claimed more than 350 lives in 2017 alone, leaving thousands recovering in hospital.

Ms Millar told the ABC that Jaymon’s condition had but he was still very unwell.

"I just want people to donate blood as he has daily blood transfusions … and parents to be aware of the signs that come on so quick," she said.

"Doctors have been great but I can't keep up with all of what happened and how it took over his body.”

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