Queensland Australians Of The Year Announced

Some may find this story distressing

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Hannah Clarke and her children. Credit: Sue Clarke

The parents of Brisbane mother Hannah Clarke who was murdered with her children in a horrifying domestic violence attack have been named the 2022 Queensland Australians of the Year. 

Sue and Lloyd Clarke were hit with an unimaginable tragedy when the estranged husband of their daughter Hannah fatally attacked her and their children whilst she was taking them to school. 

Hannah was in the car with her kids Aaliyah, 6, Laianah, 4 and Trey, 3, when Rowan Baxter got in their car, doused them in petrol and set it alight in Brisbane’s Camp Hill in February last year.  

In honouring their memory, the grief-stricken couple has worked tirelessly to educate Australia on the dangers of coercive control and domestic violence by setting up the anti-domestic violence charity Small Steps 4 Hannah. 

They are committed to ensuring their tragedy is never experienced by another family.

Aaliyah Clarke, 6, and Laianah, 4, with their brother Trey, 3. Credit: Sue Clarke

The Queensland judges said the Clarkes "empower victims to speak up, guide family members to be aware of those who may be in an unsafe environment, and create safe environments for those who need them most”.

In their efforts, the Clarkes have supported the Queensland Governments Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce which is focused on transforming the way people understand family and domestic violence. 

Lloyd and Sue Clarke are committed to raising domestic violence awareness through charity Small Steps 4 Hannah. Credit: Small Steps 4 Hannah Facebook page. 

Hannah and her children stayed at her parent's place after separating from her violent husband in late 2019. Fifty days later they were dead. 

The Clarkes knew she feared for her life but at the time they did not understand what coercive control was. Coercive control is a series of behaviours that include isolation, deprivation, demeaning behaviour, surveillance, threats to harm and actual harm. 

Thanks to the Clarkes’ campaigning, coercive control is set to be criminalised, with laws expected to be before state parliament early next year. 

Sue and Llyod were honoured in Brisbane last night ahead of the national Australia Day awards next January. 

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12 November 2021

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