Push To Sell Contraceptive Pill Over-The-Counter Rejected

TGA dismisses proposal

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A plan to allow women to direct buy the contraceptive pill from pharmacists has been rejected by Australia's drug regulator, meaning a doctor's prescription is still required.

Natalie Willis from the Pharmacy Guild says the nation is falling behind other countries who are selling the pill over the counter.

"70 percent of 147 countries that were studied supplied over the counter without a prescription, and this is done safely and conveniently, there is very little reason why that can't be done in Australia." Willis said.

"All it's doing is holding back contemporary practice and disadvantaging women."

Willis said it's a disappointing result  following years of lobbying for easier access.

"We're not providing initial supply, that's already been done by a doctor who has checked out all these elements."

"All we're doing is providing continued supply, so there would be protocols in place to make sure that the circumstances of the lady hasn't changed."

The AMA has welcomed the rejection, citing a compromising patient safety.

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19 October 2021

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