Purple Bin Added To Standardised Curb Side Collections In Victoria

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Victorians will soon have another wheelie bin to line up for rubbish collection under a new $127 million state government initiative to separate the trash, from the trash.

Millions of households will soon receive a purple-lid bin for glass material as the shift to a four-bin waste system to better separate materials.


Environment and Climate Change Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said “by collecting glass separately, we can make sure more of it is effectively recycled – with jars and bottles transformed multiple times into multiple products".

$86 million of the funding will go towards standardising bin-lid colours, with some councils using yellow lids for recycling, while others use blue 

Moving forward, the coloured system will identify the green lids as food or garden waste, purple will be for glass, yellow for other recycling, and red for rubbish.

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25 June 2021

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