PSA: Here's Where You Can Grab Yo' Self Cheap Drinks & $1 Dumplings

You've gotta be kidding!

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Everyone loves a good Sunday sesh and what better way to kick back before another big week than with cheap drinks and $1 dumplings?

We'll wait.

The legends at the Alma Tavern will be doing this exact thing every Sunday until the foreseeable future. 

Plus, they will also have happy hour beverages which include $5 Furphy tins, $10 cocktails, $20 cocktail jugs, and $15 pizzas to munch on in between those drink specials.

Find yourself a seat in the beer garden and enjoy a selection of live acoustic soloists every week between 2pm to 5pm for those of you seeking a more chilled out afternoon.

Otherwise, if you're feeling a little more of the party vibe and if you don't happen to be working on Monday morning, DJ Rare will be playing funky house music from 5pm till late, so you can kick on and spend your last remaining hours of freedom right! 

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Eve Swain

7 February 2020

Article by:

Eve Swain

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