PSA: Bali Flights Are Now $99 So We Suggest Booking That Holiday ASAP

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14 November 2017

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We interrupt your Tuesday for a special travel announcement that you're probably going to want to hear because it's absolutely epic!

AirAsia is currently selling flights to Bali for from only $99 one way!


The airline announced this massive sale earlier today and not only have the flights to Bali dropped, but flights to a variety of other destinations have dropped in price.

So, if you were planning to fly away for a holiday anytime soon, you should probably check this out.

Those living in Darwin can fly to Bali for $99 one way, but if you're on the Gold Coast and you'd rather check out Singapore then you can fly over there from just $109 one way!

Melbournians can fly to Bali from $210 one way, or if you'd prefer to go to Tokyo, you can fly there for only $279!

Each capital city has a series of epic flights on sale with departure dates between 7 May 2018 - 31 January 2019, we're just showing you a tiny snippet of the hundreds of flights that are currently cheap AF.

AirAsia's megasale ends on November 19 so get in quick to get yourself an absolute bargain!

You can check the AirAsia website for more information and we hope you have a wonderful holiday!


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