Protect yourself from mosquitoes and Beat the Bite  

Here's 8 #BeatTheBite tips

12 January 2018

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Following the recent heavy rainfall Greater Shepparton City Council is noticing an increase in mosquito activity within the Goulburn Valley region.

To ‘beat the bite’ protect your family and yourself from mosquito bites and mosquito borne diseases such as Ross River virus by remembering these important points:

Greater Shepparton City Council’s top tips to ‘Beat the Bite’ are:

  1. Cover up. Wear long, loose fitting clothing because mosquitoes can bite through tight fitting clothing.
  2. Use effective mosquito repellents containing picaridin or DEET on all exposed skin.
  3. Control mosquito numbers. There’s a wide range of ‘knockdown sprays’ or vaporising devices for inside use.
  4. Install flywire screens on all windows and self-closing wire screens on doors.
  5. Make sure mosquitoes can't breed around your property by removing stagnant water at least every week. This includes in flower pots, tyres, buckets, tins, bird baths and pet bowls.
  6. Empty children’s wading pools when not being used and keep fishponds stocked with fish.
  7. Use screens when camping. Mosquito nets or screens will help keep mosquitoes out of tents and added protection can be provided by treating the nets with an appropriate insecticide.
  8. Limit outdoor activity at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active.

For further information about reducing mosquito breeding around the home visit or and search mosquito, or visit the Council Offices at 90 Welsford St, Shepparton.

If you have any concerns about your health, talk to your doctor or call NURSE-ON-CALL on 1300 606 024.


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