Just In: Prince William Tested Positive For COVID-19 Earlier This Year

"He was struggling to breathe"

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Kensington Royal

The Sun has today reported that the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, was diagnosed with COVID-19 back in April.

The UK publication reported that the 38-year-old Royal kept his positive test a secret as he didn’t want to cause any panic.

The Prince reportedly caught the virus days after his father, Prince Charles, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson tested positive.

“There were important things going on and I didn’t want to worry anyone,” William reportedly told one observer.

The newspaper also quoted a source as saying he was “struggling to breathe” at one point, but was treated by palace doctors and followed government isolation guidelines.

"William was hit pretty hard by the virus - it really knocked him for six,” the source said.

"At one stage he was struggling to breathe, so obviously everyone around him was pretty panicked.

"After seeing medics and testing positive - which was obviously quite a shock given how fit and healthy he is - William was determined it should be business as usual though.”

By April 23rd, however, the Prince was back in good health, appearing in a sketch for BBC’s Comic Relief.

The Prince and Kensington Palace are yet to address the report.

The news comes as Boris Johnson imposes a month-long lockdown across England as COVID cases hit one million.

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1 November 2020

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