PREP YO'SELF | How To Be Ready For Random Storms In Townsville

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Carley Whittington

13 December 2018

Carley Whittington

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In 1989 Belinda Carlisle sung about Summer Rain and the romance of it all, but the reality is it's a lot more flash-flooding-fallen-power lines-and-flying branches, than it is 'dancing with my baby in the summer rain'. 

We're in storm and cyclone season now, and this week we're keeping a close eye on the activity of Cyclone Owen which is set to bring rain and potential flooding to parts of Townsville. 


So make time today to check that your property and family is ready for summer storms. 

Here's steps you can take to prep yo'self! 

  • Check the condition of the roof and repair loose tiles, eaves and screws;
  • Clean gutters and downpipes so water can drain away as quickly as possible;
  • Trim trees and overhanging branches;
  • Secure loose items that could cause damage if blown around in high winds (such as garden furniture and toys).
  • Ensure your home, contents and car insurance is current and covers your assets adequately—check your policy includes debris clean up and disposal;
  • Identify which room is the strongest part of the house, in case you need to shelter in your home during severe storm or cyclone. Usually this would be the smallest room in the house, with the least windows;
  • Identify where and how to turn off the mains supply for water, power and gas; and
  • Purchase emergency essentials to have on hand, such as:
    • containers to store drinking water;
    • spare supply of fuel for use in your vehicle (ensure you store safely);
    • wide masking tape for windows;
    • hessian bads and sand for sandbagging indoor drains to prevent sewerage backwash from flooding.

For further details on what to do during a storm, follow this link



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