Premier's Lack Of Information On QLD Roadmap Is Testing Businesses Patience

As NSW reopens...

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Queensland cannot remain shut forever.

That's the message many business groups are sending to QLD Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk as they apply pressure to provide a roadmap out of Covid, sooner rather than later. 

One, CCIQ Senior Policy Advisor Gus Mandigora says operators need time to plan for the inevitable opening. 

"Talk to us and come up with a plan for what we need to reopen Queensland. If we know what we are aiming for, and if we know a tentative date for it, that would be enormously helpful for Queensland businesses that have been doing it tough over the last eighteen months," he said.

About three weeks ago, Palaszczuk delivered a response that reflected what many would see as an overly cautious approach to reopening Queensland's borders as she provided her viewpoint on international travel. Palaszczuk


It appears not a lot has changed since then, telling reporters last Friday there would be a National Cabinet meeting next month on November 5 and “we hope to be in a position then.” 

"But we will open when it's safe to do so. What we're looking at now is looking very closely at what's happening in New South Wales and Victoria — I note there was some easing of restrictions in New South Wales. But very concerning [is the] 1,800 cases — I think from memory — in Victoria [in a single day]. If you think about that — we've had just over 2,000 cases during the whole pandemic,” she said.

With little information to go off, Queenslanders stranded overseas and their loved ones waiting for their return are at their wit's end. 

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11 October 2021

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