Premier And PM Strike A Support Deal As Victorians Wake Up To Their Fifth Lockdown

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Another devastating blow for Victorian business just hanging on by a thread and now hit with a fifth lockdown.

Some good news though with the commonwealth making disaster support payments available to Victorians despite the lockdown set for five days, instead of the seven-day threshold.

Disaster support payments approved as Victoria enters five day lockdown

Payments of $600 or $375 will be available depending on how many hours of work have been lost.

Premier Dan Andrews is expected to make the 'good news' announcement on Friday along with business support for those scrambling to make ends meet.

Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer Paul Guerra has said this will take a "little pressure off people who are already struggling"

"Victorians know this all too well. Its sometimes that the workers miss out. There’ll be people will go home not knowing when the next paycheck will be there. There will be business owners wondering when the next sale will come through. They'll have costs mounting up, they'll have rent there, they'll have stock they will have to throw out"

- Paul Guerra

Meanwhile, Lord Mayor Sally Capp has told Nine the business owners she spoke with on Thursday, although disappointed, understood the gravity of the situation.

"If we do need to take this sort of action to help stop the spread of the virus, then that sense of going hard and going fast was certainly the sentiment that came back. We don't want to be in lockdown, but if we’re going to be, we need to really rally like we’ve done before and get out of this as soon as possible"

- Sally Capp


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15 July 2021

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