Power Prices Set To Lower Across Tasmania

Relief for the back pocket

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Wednesday brought great news for Tasmanian’s back pockets, with the revelation that power bills were set to get significantly smaller from July.

The Tasmanian Economic Regulator approved a 7.11% decrease in Aurora Energy’s pricing.

Recent drops in generation and transmission costs, as well as the cost for wholesale energy, are to thank for the price plunge.

Energy Minister, Guy Barnett, said that all of Tasmania would see the savings.

“The average household [will save] $145, the average small business $183.”

- Guy Barnett

Having already achieved net-zero emissions in 2015, the state joined an elite list last November, becoming completely powered by renewable energy. 


Tasmania's state government set a target to generate twice as much renewable energy by 2040, with the excess being delivered to the mainland via Victoria through the proposed $3.5 billion Marinus Link cable.

Relief For The Back Pocket

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23 June 2021

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