Port Macquarie Koala Hospital Releases Radio Collared Koalas

Why are they being followed?

29 April 2018

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Port Macquarie Koala Hospital has released seven koalas, five of whom were fitted with radio tracking collars and will be followed for the next six months. 

The koalas were admitted to the hospital suffering burns injuries as a result of the Limeburners Creek National Park fires in December 2017.

Five koalas have been fitted with radio tracking collars. Source: pexels

The Limeburners fire caused a major disruption to the koala population forcing them in closer together and changing the dynamics of the normal hierarchy and food resources. 

This project will allow the Hospital to see the effects of reintroduction of further koalas back into the post fire habitat. 

The other aim of the project is to see how koalas who have suffered some damage to their hands and feet cope with a return to the wild.

54 koalas were found after The Limeburners fire. Source: Koala Hospital 

A total of 54 koalas were found post fire, most of which were located in pockets of relatively unburnt country. 

Sadly there were a few koalas that could not be saved and some had perished in the fire.


At the cessation of this project, the data obtained will be published.

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