Poodle Sheep Are The Pet You Wish You Had

YES, POODLE sheep!

Amber Lowther

22 November 2018

Amber Lowther

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Why get a cat or a dog when you could have a POODLE SHEEP?! Well, they're actually called Swiss Valais Blacknose Sheep...but 'poodle sheep' is better.

These little cuties are the most random, cutest things and they will make even the coldest of hearts feel REAL LIFE EMOTION!


Omg stop

Unfortunately for us, you can only find them across the ditch in New Zealand, with only a handful of farms breeding them. Their embryos came from the UK and now, they're growing up into the cutest things we're ever seeeeeeeen.

On the Valais Blacknose New Zealand Facebook page, it says these sheep are super friendly and seem to love their owners as much as they love them...*heart explodes*

Um yes, hello there. Where is ur face?



Saving these photos looked a little bit like this, btw:

If you want to stare at these adorable little things all day, you can follow the farm on Facebook here!

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