Police Warn NEW Phone Scam That could 'Ruin Christmas'

"do not call back"

28 November 2018

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Police are sending out a warning about a new phone Scam doing the rounds that could impact your Christmas in a big way.

A ‘robot’ threatening legal action is calling Australians in a new phone Scam in the lead up to Christmas.

Sydney residents have reported receiving concerning phone calls and messages threatening legal action and arrest if the receiver does not call back, which police say is a Scam.

Police are reminding EVERYONE to be vigilant, if you receive a call and a recorded message saying: a “lawsuit case is getting filed under your name” it the urges you to ring the phone number 6102 0472.

The message then threatens that the receiver will be arrested if they do not return the call - DO NOT CALL BACK!


What to do if you’re being scammed:

Police remind the public to take the following precautions to reduce the risk of being scammed by cold-callers:

  • If you receive a threatening phone call (and demanding money), hang up immediately;
  • Do not disclose personal details to the caller;
  • Never provide your personal or banking details to a person who calls you;
  • Never provide your financial PIN or account passwords to anyone;
  • Do not make any payments to the caller, either via phone, internet, or cash;
  • If you are suspicious about the credentials of a person on the phone, ask questions of them. If they avoid answering or refuse to provide information, hang up;
  • Don’t let scammers pressure you – scammers use detailed scripts to convince you that they’re the real deal and create a high-pressure situation to make a decision on the spot;
  • If you think you have provided your account details to a scammer, contact your bank or financial institution immediately; and
  • Contact police immediately to report the incident.

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