Police Warn Against Supermarket Violence

Be Respectful, Stay Calm.

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In response to ongoing instances of abusive behaviour in supermarkets, Victoria Police issued the following statement:

Victoria Police acknowledges this is a difficult and challenging time in the community and we are encouraging people to act in a respectful and law-abiding manner – including in public spaces, such as supermarkets.

This expectation does not change, including during periods of emergency, such as the recent bushfires and current coronavirus pandemic.

While instances of people exhibiting unruly behaviour in supermarkets and shopping centres have occurred, we know the vast majority of people do the right thing and there have been plenty of examples where goodwill and generosity have been shown to those less able or disadvantaged.

Police will be tasked when required. This activity has already started to take place in certain areas where unruly behaviour has occurred. We know a visible police presence assists the community in both feeling and being safe and minimises anti-social behaviour.

We urge Victorians to act in a respectful manner in spaces such as supermarkets to ensure police resources can be used keeping the community safe and on other enforcement activities.

Damien Willoughby

23 March 2020

Article by:

Damien Willoughby

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