Police unveil new equipment to tackle road safety

Speeders beware

22 December 2016

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Police are giving motorists even more reasons to drive safely these Christmas holidays.

For those on the Tweed or drivers travelling though New South Wales, double demerit points come into effect as of Friday.

Meantime police in Queensland are rolling out a small fleet of trailer-mounted, mobile, speed cameras.

Commissioner Ian Stewart says they will be used in high risk areas police have previously been unable to monitor properly like motorways, roadwork sites and school zones.

"It has been unsafe in the past to put police in those areas, even with mobile speed cameras," he said.

"Look out for these cameras, become aware of them, get used to them because they're part of our kit now to try and help people understand that they have to take responsibility for obeying the law and driving to the conditions," said Cmm'r Stewart.

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