Police Punched and Spat On During Dramatic Point Cook Arrest

Injured and arrested

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A man has allegedly punched a constable and spat in a sergeant’s eye during an aggressive arrest at Point Cook early Wednesday morning.

The incident unfolded when officers from attempted to intercept a Holden sedan after the driver was seen performing burnouts about 3.45am.

Police attempted to stop the 20-year-old before he fled the scene and crashed into several trees on Saltwater Promenade.

He then became hostile when paramedics were treating his injuries.

Senior Constable Kendra Jackson alleged that’s when the 20-year-old lashed out at the officers.

The man has been served with 13 charges including assaulting police, resisting arrest, careless driving, driving in a manner dangerous, failing to have proper control of a motor vehicle, and failing to stop vehicle upon police request.

He was bailed to face Werribee Magistrates’ Court on December 14.

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19 May 2021

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