Police Patrols Amped-Up To Protect Victoria’s Borders

Do not pass go!

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Victorian Police have responded to the growing Covid threat interstate by increasing their presence along border communities and at the airport keeping potentially infected people out of the state.

More than 200 officers, including air wing and booze buses will take part in the blitz protecting six key border crossing zones.

Border patrols increase to keep Covid out of Melbourne

Chief Commissioner Shane Patton explained if anyone does sneak through without a permit, they'll be fined $4957.

"…and if there's need to escalate, we will escalate. From here on in your going to see a much stricter enforcement. People have had ample education, they've had ample warnings, so you'll see a much stricter enforcement approach in the days to come"

- Chief Comm. Shane Patton

Currently, greater Sydney and Darwin are red zones, while the greater Brisbane and Perth and Peel regions have been moved to orange.

Victoria’s Covid-19 commander Jeroen Weimar strenuously warned against people travelling freely around the country at this juncture.

“This will be a challenging time to travel over the coming days and weeks, and I would advise caution to anybody heading interstate,”

- Jeroen Weimar

Victoria recorded no new locally acquired cases on Sunday.


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28 June 2021

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