Police Officer Cleared Of Murder Over Fatal Shooting In 2019

After a three-week trial

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A police officer walked free from court after he was cleared of murder over a fatal shooting in 2019.

The constable responded to a call from a member of the public, that a person was armed with a knife in Geraldton.

Police officer cleared of murder over fatal shooting in 2019

The accused and seven other officers attended the scene, where he was the only officer to draw his gun which shot and killed a 29-year-old Yamatji woman.

After a three-hour deliberation, the jury found the man not guilty of murder or manslaughter.

The woman’s death sparked protests in Geraldton, and WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson hoped the verdict wouldn’t do the same.

“This is a time for people to respect the decision that the jury has come to in this matter and for all people to remain calm.”

The woman’s family were not happy with the decision made on Friday evening, sister Bernadette Clarke said the lack of Aboriginal people on the jury affected the outcome.

"This was about an Aboriginal woman, and I reckon it should have had a black person on that jury.”

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22 October 2021

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