Police Issue Warning Over Fake $50 Notes

Report any info to 131 444

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South West District Police have urged retailers in the region to be vigilant following a number of reports for counterfeit $50 notes circulating in the Bunbury area.

Last Friday, police confirmed they had received reports of counterfeit notes being passed to retail businesses in the area.

Business and shop owners are encouraged to educate staff and employees on how to detect the fake notes in order to avoid being left out of pocket.

If you suspect a note of being counterfeit, there are a number of key security features you can check to ensure the banknote is real. These include:

  • If the note is from the first polymer series, hold it up to the light to identify a seven-pointed star and the Australian Coat of Arms and check that the clear window is part of the banknote.
  • If the note is from the new polymer series, tilt the note to see the bird's wings move and change colour, and the number change direction.

If you suspect a banknote is counterfeit, handle the banknote as little as possible, note any important information and report the matter to WA Police on 131 444.

WA Content Team

11 November 2019

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WA Content Team

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